Guitar Mill Custom Bass & Guitar Bodies

Guitar bodies made to order right outside of Music City, U.S.A. Click on your desired body style to begin ordering.  All bodies are made to accept parts from similar large production models without modification.

T Style Hollow Hybrid


T-Style Hollow Hybrid guitars lend a more traditional look to the popular hollow design. You can order yours without an f-hole for a classic and discrete appearance.

S Style Tremolo


With the late 50′s era design, the S-Style has deep contours and is drilled for a vintage tremolo.  Let us know in the “Additional Comments” whether you want the Vintage 6-Screw Tremolo or the Modern 2 pt. Tremolo.  

T-Style Deluxe Guitar Body


An Old Favorite Built To Vintage Specs.  T-Style deluxe comes with a TUMMY CONTOUR, but not a forearm contour.  If you select a Tummy Contour in the last set of options, you will be charged an extra $25 for no reason.