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We spray over 150 different guitar finish colors – All in Nitrocellulose Lacquer. Basically, EVERY color from Fender, Gibson, GM, Ford, Toyota, etc…..

 The swatches below are just a small portion of the many, many finish colors we offer. We actually spray every Fender and Gibson color there is.  If you don’t see a color you like here, chances are – we do offer it.  Feel free to contact us and ask if we can spray the color you are looking for.  

All of our colors are vintage-correct, however colors will appear different due to discrepancies in computer monitor / phone screen / room lighting / coloring and resolution / etc.

*(Note: To take advantage of our custom color matching service – there is an up charge of $150 and a photo of the desired color is required.  Obviously, looking at an image on a computer / phone screen is not the most accurate way to view the true shade of a color, so please don’t expect what we are viewing on our end, to be precisely the same as what you are viewing on your end. For more info on this see our FAQ page )

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