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Shipping Policies

Domestic Shipping: 

All Guitar Mill bodies and necks are shipped and insured via FedEx® Ground service to the lower 48 states and the rate is a flat $18 per two items (bodies and/or necks.) 

Hawaii and Alaska are subject to higher shipping costs that are reliant on market pricing, but usually hover around $40 for a two item or less order. 

International Shipping:

Rates include up to two (2) bodies and/or necks. 

USPS Economy (Uninsured)

  • Most of the World: $80 
  • Canada & Mexico: $60

FedEx International (Insured, Recommended)

  • Most of the World: $150
  • Canada & Mexico: $130

Guitar Mill is once again offering USPS economy shipping to our international customers. USPS has become more reliable in the wake of the pandemic, but we WILL NOT be accountable for lost or damaged USPS shipments.

If you choose to buy the USPS Economy shipping, and your package is lost, stolen or damaged, you WILL NOT be entitled to any sort of compensation. This means, if you want to insure your package for the long overseas journey, you MUST buy the FedEx upgraded shipping package that includes insurance. 

There are a lot of other advantages to shipping FedEx® International as well. It is much quicker than the post office — orders sent via FedEx® are arriving to their intended destinations in a few days rather than a few weeks. FedEx® also provides better customer support and tracking.

Shipping rates are represented as an average and cover a large portion of the world. Shipping rates are subject to change depending on current rates from FedEx® or USPS. If your shipping costs are more than the allotted flat rate, we will contact you to collect the overage. The parts of the world most affected by this would be Australia, New Zealand, parts of the Middle East and Eastern Asia. Pricing may vary depending on your country’s policies and access of FedEx® shipments. 

Due to CITES regulations, we cannot ship Brazilian Rosewood or Ivory outside of the U.S. All other species of wood/rosewood and building materials are available to be shipped internationally.

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