T Master


T Master


T-Style & Jazz-Style – Together At Last!

Wood Choice *

Please contact for light-weight Alder availability. Light-weight Swamp Ash guaranteed under 4 lbs. When available, light-weight Alder guaranteed under 4.5 lbs.

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Are you intending to do a solid or translucent finish on this body?

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Hardwood Inserts? (PAULOWNIA BODIES ONLY!)

We HIGHLY recommend that all Paulownia bodies have inlayed hardwood inserts (maple or birch) in high stress areas such as the bridge, tremolo claw, etc. Would you like us to install these inserts for you?

One Piece Construction?

Contact for 1 pc. Alder availability!


If so, skip the next few questions about pickup specs.

Neck Pick Up Rout *

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Finish Type

Finish Color

Body Relic – Aging Work



Born in the custom shop, the t-master guitar body shape features the best parts of both the T and Jazz style bodies.  Solid, practical pickup and control design, with a sleek jazz-style offset waist.  This new spin on a classic guitar body would make an excellent replacement for any t-style or t-master.  If you are seeking a build, the t-master is an easy first build to help you over the learning curve.

Invented by guitar players for guitar players, this guitar body is a favorite of the younger emerging guitar culture. Dependability that makes a unique statement and doubles as a conversation starter. 

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 6 in