P-Style Bass Guitar Body


P-Style Bass Guitar Body


Our P-Style basses, the work horse of basses, are built to traditional ’62 specs.

If you are looking for a standard spec item, and want to skip the wait, we encourage you to check our “Get it Now” store before ordering.  We might already have what you are looking for in-stock and ready-to-ship.

Lead times:

Unfinished = 3-6 weeks.

Finished = 16-20 weeks.

Wood? *

Premium tonewoods subject to availability.

Ultra Light?

Wood Grade? *

Are you intending to put a solid or translucent finish on this body?

Hardwood Inserts? (PAULOWNIA BODIES ONLY!)

We HIGHLY recommend that all Paulownia bodies have inlayed hardwood inserts (maple or birch) in high stress areas such as the bridge, tremolo claw, etc. Would you like us to install these inserts for you?

1 pc. Construction?

Premium tonewoods subject to availability.

Orientation? *

Right handed orders only at this time.

Top Pick-Up Rout? (Nearest Neck) *

Bottom Pick-Up Rout (Nearest Bridge) *

Finish Type?

**Finish lead times are 16-20 weeks.** TruGrain is a new finish technique we are offering. The body is not grain filled, so it allows us to spray the finish thinner. This process removes a few ounces of weight, gives the body more resonance, shows off the beautiful wood grain patterns under the finish and looks super cool! (See our recent post on our “News” page!)

Finish Color?

Degree of Relic?

For finished bodies only! Please view our galleries – the link is at the top of the page – for examples of each level of relic.

Additional Notes?

Instructions given in this section may be subject to additional charges.


P-Style Bass Body

Based on the 1962 model, no bass is more synonymous with bass playing that the P-style.  The P-style bass body would make a great replacement for any p-style, vintage or modern.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 6 in