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Lead times on necks are 16-20 weeks unfinished and 24-30 weeks finished. Our necks are renowned for being the most premium quality available, and thus the demand is almost impossible for us to meet. 

To better serve you, we are instituting a new ordering policy for custom necks. To order a custom neck, fill out the form below and a Guitar Mill representative will be in touch with you in 1-3 business days with pricing and any additional notes on your order. We want to be more involved in the ordering process to help you get the best final product possible.

If you are unsure of a spec, please leave the field blank or type “not sure,” and we will help you select the option that makes sense for you build. If you just want a standard spec neck, just answer the “style” and “construction” fields and type “vanilla” in the additional notes and we will fill out the rest! 

  • Personal Information

  • Specifications

  • What model is this neck going on?

  • Do you want your neck to made of one consistent piece, or have an attached fretboard?

  • What wood do you want your neck made of? Please include any qualifiers i.e. “flame” “quarter sawn” “roasted” “bird’s eye” etc.

  • What wood/material do you want your fretboard made of? Please include and qualifiers i.e. “flame” “quarter sawn” “roasted” etc. If you wanted a one piece neck, please skip this question or type “1 pc.”

  • What neck profile, or “back shape,” do you want?

  • What fretboard radius do you want?

  • What color do you want the dots on the fretboard?

  • What color do you want the dots on the player side of the neck?

  • What sized tuners are you using?

  • Do you want us to install a bone nut?

  • Would you like your neck finished?

  • Any other notes, specs or requests you would like to add.

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