S Style Neck


S Style Neck


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Neck Profile *

Orientation *

1 or 2 Piece Neck *

Neck Wood *

Fingerboard Wood *

Veneer Fingerboard

Number of Frets

NOTE: Necks with the 22-fret fingerboard extension added must be Headstock Adjust due to our construction process.

Fret Size and Type *

Headstock Shape

Nut Width *

Bone Nut

Slotted Bone Nut will have “Starter” slots – The slots and nut can be lowered and tweaked during final setup.

Top Dot Inlay *

Side Dots *

Neck Binding

Finger Board Radius *

Tuner Hole Size *

Truss Rod Option *


Finish lead times are 8-12 weeks.**(See our ‘Lead Times’ page) Please note that unfinished necks are excluded from any warranty or return policy.

Degree of Relic?

Conversion Scale Neck

This option will make your neck a CONVERSION NECK. This means that it will convert your 25.5″ (Fender™ Scale) guitar into a 24.75″ (Gibson™ Scale) guitar.
NOTE: Necks with this option added must be Headstock Adjust due to our construction process.


Based on the 1962 model, no other guitar shape is more notable as a rock n’ roll icon.  The s-style replacement guitar neck would make an excellent replacement for any S-Style guitar, vintage or modern.  If you are seeking a build, the S-Style is a more adept build that may be best tackled after a build or two is under your belt.

This guitar is cornerstone of rock n’ roll. It has graced the shoulders of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and so many more.  Built to fit and accept parts the same parts as a Fender®  Stratocaster® or “Strat®.”