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The new CNC is up and running!

Guitar Mill Newsletter: New CNC Machine!

New CNC is up and running!  Our new CamMaster CNC is up and running cutting T-Style, S-Style and now Jazz Style bodies.  More styles and production capabilities to come soon. Check out the pictures below of this mean machine:









The new CNC is cranking out inventory at an all time high.  Our new CamMaster CNC is able to cut 6 bodies at once, which is double our previous production capacity in one swipe. Plus, no more wasted time on tool changes, as the CamMaster has an automated tool changer.  This week alone, we were able to add 36 bodies and 5 necks to our online store!



To mark this occasion, we are introducing our new Fresh Cuts section, which is where we will be selling all of our freshly cut bodies at an unbeatable price.

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