Q: How does Guitar Mill Finishing and Aging Compare To Other Sources?

A: The Nitrocellulose finishes and Aging/Relic work that Guitar Mill does are highly regarded as some of the best in the business. We have the experience and skill, to spray over 100 different colors. Our expertise is not limited to only relic/aged finishes either- we can produce a new showroom quality finish, or one that looks to be 50 years old. Roughly 60% of customers request our relic / aging. Guitar Mill has become known worldwide for our highly accurate aged nitro finishes.

Our specialty is aging that looks natural, believable, and tasteful – Not Like a Parody of a Used Guitar! Also as a part of our shop, we are fortunate to have two professional / industrial paint booths (one of those for only metal flake finishes).


Q: Why Should I Choose A Guitar Mill Body?

A: Guitar Mill bodies are cut using hand selected premium woods. We’re known also for having the highest grade lightweight swamp ash available, and our master grade Paulownia/Empress wood is something no other company has been able to consistently offer. Also, being a full service guitar repair shop has had its perks. Meaning, we’ve had lots of vintage guitars in the shop, and many customers have graciously allowed us to “Clone” those vintage instruments. This has given us the ability to build and offer highly accurate versions of the classic body shapes.


Q: Why Should I Choose A Guitar Mill Neck?

A: Building a great guitar body is one thing, but being able to build a great neck takes an even greater amount of skill. We are proud to say that we excel in this department as well. In the early days, Guitar Mill only offered bodies. We felt that a considerable investment in time and R&D was needed before we were ready to add necks to our product line. So after a tough two years of experimenting with a variety of building processes, and constantly referencing genuine vintage necks we had access to , we were finally ready for the next phase – CAD / CAM or CNC programming.

The process of computer drawings to CNC router took an additional year of hard work, but the end result has made our necks even more popular than our bodies. We are able to produce a neck that has all of the highly prized vintage characteristics. Right down to the correct vintage skunk stripe size, truss rod nut placement, 50/50 side dots, Clay dots, veneer boards and the list goes on and on. We also go the extra mile and precision CNC mill the curved truss rod slot using full 3D geometry and utilize a .2” ball nose bit so that the truss rod fits perfectly in the neck. Our frets are CNC slotted using a micro precision bit that follows the 3D radius of the corresponding fingerboard radius. This is a far superior method over simply using straight line saw blades for slots, as most companies do. Just as our truss rods do- our frets seat perfectly in each curved slot.  For more info on our necks see : “About Guitar Mill Necks”


 Q: There Are Others Out There Selling Bodies, Necks and Aging / Relics Much Cheaper Than Guitar Mill – What Gives?

A: This is something we struggle with everyday, trying to compete with small home based guys using bodies they get from large discount suppliers , overseas factories, online auctions ,etc…. – Though we are small as well, we – unlike many, actually build everything in our shop. We start from scratch, going to the lumber mills and hand selecting tone woods. Our small shop is bursting at the seams with stacks of rough cut lumber and machinery! So the short answer is, though we are not as large as some other manufacturers; we still do what the big guys do, that is – build and finish everything in house. This approach at least for us, may not be quite as profitable and definitely not as easy, as the guys buying discounted lower grade bodies and necks from other sources and then selling them at rock bottom prices because they have little to no overhead / operating expenses. When it’s all said and done though, we feel satisfied to have completely crafted a superior product, and hope that more people will see that we are not in the same league as “the guys selling cheap”. We realize we probably miss out on many sales because we are not the “Cheapest”, but we are more interested in quality than quantity.




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