T-Style Body / 1 pc. Swamp Ash / B-Stock (#GIN-046)

$199.99 $139.99-30%


T-Style Body / 1 pc. Swamp Ash / B-Stock (#GIN-046)

$199.99 $139.99-30%

Body Style T
Wood   1 pc. Swamp Ash
Bridge Drilling Vintage
Pickup Routing Standard
Input Jack Routing 7/8″ Side Jack Hole  
Weight Of Body  4 lbs. 8 oz. 
Finish None
Item #GIN046

B-Stock because the bridge is to the far end of tolerance and is a bit off from the bridge pick-up rout, a standard bridge will still work, but the bridge rout will need to be modified to accommodate a standard “ashtray” bridge. The south end of the rout will need to be sanded back and custom fitted. 

Selling very cheap, ABSOLUTELY no returns. 

This body is pictured in rough sanded condition. We final sand all of our bodies to 300 grit before shipment. Any rough edges, router “burns” or pencil marks you may see in the picture will be removed from the body when you receive it. 

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Finish lead times are 16-20 weeks.

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Based on the 1952 style, the t-style guitar body shape features the classic design of the body that started it all.  This classic guitar body would make an excellent replacement for any t-style guitar, vintage or modern.  If you are seeking a build, the t-style is the easiest first build to help you over the learning curve.

This style has been here since the beginning.  From twang to crunch, it is hard to find a modern guitarist that doesn’t own at least one t-style.