Stang-Style Body / Ultra Light Swamp Ash / Clearance (#GIN-1692)



Stang-Style Body / Ultra Light Swamp Ash / Clearance (#GIN-1692)


Body Style Stang
Wood Multipiece Swamp Ash
Bridge Drilling Vintage
Pickup Routing Standard
Input Jack Routing Standard
Weight Of Body 3 lbs. 14 oz.
Finish None
Item #GIN1692

This body is in clearance simply because it is more than 3 pcs.

This body is pictured in rough sanded condition. We final sand all of our bodies to 300 grit before shipment. Any rough edges or pencil marks you may see in the picture will be removed when the body is final sanded.

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Finish Type?

**Finish lead times are 16-20 weeks.** TruGrain is a new finish technique we are offering. The body is not grain filled, so it allows us to spray the finish thinner. This process removes a few ounces of weight, gives the body more resonance, shows off the beautiful wood grain patterns under the finish and looks super cool! (See our recent post on our “News” page!)

Finish Color?

Degree of aging?

Bodies getting a finish ONLY!