T-Master Body / Swamp Ash (Item #GIN-965)

$185.00 $159.99

Body Style T-Master
Wood 2 Pc. Swamp Ash
Bridge Drilling Vintage Correct 
Pickup Routing Standard 
Input Jack Routing Standard Controls 
Weight Of Body  4 lbs. 15 oz.
Finish None
Build-to-Order Price $185
Item #965

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Product Description

Born in the custom shop, the t-master guitar shape features the best parts of both the T and Jazz style bodies.  Solid, practical pickup and control design, with a sleek jazz-style offset waist. This new spin on a classic guitar body would make an excellent replacement for any t-style or t-master.  If you are seeking a build, the t-master is an easy first build to help you over the learning curve.

Invented by guitar players for guitar players, this guitar body is a favorite of the younger emerging guitar culture. Dependability that makes a unique statement and doubles as a conversation starter.