Swamp Ash S-Style Body FC-053 Front Photo | Guitar Mill Luthier Shop
Swamp Ash S-Style Body FC-053 Rear Photo | Guitar Mill Luthier Shop

S-Style Body / Swamp Ash (#FC-053)


Body Style S
Wood Swamp Ash
Bridge Drilling Vintage Tremolo 
Pickup Routing SSS
Input Jack Routing Standard “Football” 
Weight Of Body  3 lbs. 4 oz.
Finish None
Item #FC053


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Product Description

Based on the 1962 model, no other body shape is more notable as a rock n’ roll icon.  The S-Style electric guitar body features deep 1960s contours, three single coil pickups and a classic block tremolo rout. This classic guitar body would make an excellent replacement for any S-Style guitar, vintage or modern.  If you are seeking a build, the S-Style is a more adept build that may be best tackled after a build or two is under your belt.

This guitar is cornerstone of rock n’ roll. It has graced the shoulders of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and so many more.  Built to fit and accept parts the same parts as a Fender®  Stratocaster® or “Strat®.”