Jag-Style Body / 1 pc. Swamp Ash (#FC-072)


Body Style Jag
Wood   1 pc. Swamp Ash
Bridge Drilling Vintage Bridge Thimble Holes
Pickup Routing Standard Dual Jag
Input Jack Routing Standard Pickguard Mount  
Weight Of Body  3 lbs. 13 oz.
Finish None
Item #FC072


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Based on the 1964 style, the jag style guitar body shape features rhythm control circuit wiring, a vintage style tremolo rout and an offset waist.  This classic short scale guitar body would make an excellent replacement for any Jag style guitar, vintage or modern.  If you are seeking a build, the jag style is moderately difficult to assemble, but provides a plethora of custom options.

These guitars have been a staple of rock n’ roll music since it’s inception.  From surf players to famous modern rock musicians like Johnny Marr, the jag style body has graced the shoulders of some of rock music’s greatest players.